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15 Things That Happen At Every British BBQ

"Did I just feel rain?" Presented by Frank's RedHot and French's Mustard.

1. You wake to notice that Mother Nature has blessed the nation with an actual sunny day.

2. After immediately inviting all your friends round you suddenly realise that you haven't used the BBQ in over a year and it is looking a bit...worse for wear.

3. People begin to nominate themselves to bring food. Jenny nominates herself to bring celery.

4. As your friends start to arrive you attempt to light the BBQ.

5. After successfully lighting the BBQ you find yourself being shooed away by Dave, your best mate's boyfriend, who's already put on your special apron.

6. For some reason your friend Charles has turned up with his guitar.

7. At one point you all end up standing near the BBQ just to watch the flames flicker.

8. Out of nowhere, it starts pissing it down.

9. You discover that your best friend, someone you have known for many years, prefers their meat cooked well done, rather than medium rare.

10. When the food is served, Dave gets all the praise.

11. While everyone is having a laugh, you spot your nosey neighbour, Rodney popping their head over the fence.

12. Your crush starts to talk to you just as you are tucking into some extremely saucy ribs.

13. Someone notices that alcohol is running low, so Darius and John volunteer to go on a bevvy run.

14. At 8.06pm Jenny's celery is the only food left.

15. The night ends when your slightly sozzled housemate George, trips into the paddling pool.