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    20 Questions That All Celebrities Need To Answer Honestly Immediately

    Like, if you go out for dinner with your non-famous friends do you split the bill?

    1. Have you actually had work done? If not, what facials do you get?

    @stvincent / GIPHY / Via

    Honestly, I just want you guys to tell me upfront what you've had done and if you haven't had anything done, I want a full rundown of the facials that you get and then for you to offer for pay for one for me! That is all I ask!

    2. How much do you actually work out?

    @lizzo / GIPHY / Via

    I hate it when obviously very fit and toned celebrities say that they barely work out and it is just natural. WHATEVER. Surely you do something! I specifically want a detailed breakdown of what arm exercises you are doing because celebrities always have super toned upper arms, amirite?

    3. Do you have your friends and family on your payroll?

    @family-guy / GIPHY / Via

    Is your dad listed as a "personal chef" and your friend a "social media manager"?

    4. If you go out to dinner with your non-famous friends, do you all still split the bill or do you pay?

    @hustlers / GIPHY / Via

    Like, you have a lot of money now, but does that mean you should always be the only one to get your credit card out at the end of a meal?

    5. How much money have you actually made?

    @spongebob / GIPHY / Via

    Like, seriously. Just tell me the numbers.

    6. Which fellow celebrity is a dickhead?

    @nbcsunnyside / GIPHY / Via

    Wouldn't it be amazing to just listen to Jennifer Aniston spout off about how she'll never forgive Nicole Kidman for the time she came over to her house and broke her favourite mug and never offered to buy her a new one? I'd love it! Celebs, tell us who you're feuding with more often!

    7. Have you ever called the paparazzi on yourself?

    @antmvh1 / GIPHY / Via

    Maybe you were new to fame and trying to drum up some more interest, or maybe you just needed picture evidence that you went on a date with John Mayer one time. Maybe you were just looking super hot that day and you wanted everyone to know! No judgement zone here, just tell me.

    8. Have you ever used your fame to get something for free? And what was it?

    @friends / GIPHY / Via

    *Strategically tweets that I think everything that Chanel has made is beautiful and I wish I could own it.*

    9. Have you ever done any projects that you hated from the start but knew it would get you a lot of attention?

    @catsmovie / GIPHY / Via

    This is basically just a question for the whole cast of CATS.

    10. Do you have to work on your losing face before you go to an awards ceremony?

    @emmys / GIPHY / Via

    I'd find it hard to hide the fact that I wanted to flip a table if I lost out on another Oscar à la Leo DiCaprio.

    11. Has someone close to you ever used you in any way for their own personal gain?

    @foxhomeent / GIPHY / Via

    And what did you do?

    12. What scandals have your team covered up?

    @vh1 / Via

    C'mon, be honest with me, did you ever lick a doughnut like Ariana Grande but your team were just quicker to make the story go away?

    13. If you see another celebrity at the same place as you (not an event) do you give them the "nod" even if you actually don't know each other just because you're both famous?

    @mikeanddave / GIPHY / Via

    Do you bond with people over just...fame?

    14. How do you go about dating?

    @thehills / GIPHY / Via

    Do you date just famous people because they know what you're going through? Or does it not matter who they are?

    15. How do you find personal assistants, housekeepers, or nannies? Do they come recommended from other celebrities?

    @empire / GIPHY / Via

    And how do you know what celebrity to take a recommendation off?

    16. If you want to go somewhere like a theme park, what do you do?

    @soultrain / GIPHY / Via

    Do you have to warn the park you're coming? Do you go out of hours? Or do you go during normal hours but wear some sort of costume? Do you have to have security with you while you're there?!

    17. How did you learn to pose on a red carpet or in a photoshoot? And does someone teach you how to walk in heels?

    @broadcity / GIPHY / Via

    Did you have to have some sort of training, like Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries?

    18. Have you ever been told to change something about yourself?

    @newyorkcomiccon / GIPHY / Via

    Like when the Canadian PM says in Long Shot that he was told to change his laugh or when countless female celebrities have been told to lose weight so that they could be a star.

    19. Do you have a Google Alert for your name?

    @1091 / GIPHY / Via

    And how much do you actually read about yourself?

    20. Have you ever found out that one of your friends was leaking stories about you?

    @bbc / GIPHY / Via

    "It's...........Rebekah Vardy's account."

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