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London’s Best Restaurants As Recommended By The Locals Who Live There

There is more to London than just fish and chips and jellied eels.

Central London

1. OPSO - "Go here for brunch and dinner!" - James

2. Antidote Wine Bar - "There are so many pubs in town, but Antidote is a great wine bar. The staff are extremely friendly and the food is good as well. It is a lovely place to sit outside in the summer with a bottle of rosé." - Steph

3. TAP Coffee - "This is my go-to coffee place in the city — there are a few of them around but I like the Wardour Street location." - Robert

4. Kiln - "Thai is one of my favourite cuisines so when Kiln opened I put it straight on my hitlist. Try the Jungle Curry if you love spice!" - Harry

5. Blacklock - "Blacklock is one of the best places in London for a Sunday roast — order the 'All In' which comes with beef, pork and lamb!" - Josie

6. Evelyn's Table - "The wine selection is reason enough to go to Evelyn's Table, but the Fritto Misto, Linguini Vongole and Lamb Loin & Shoulder were all outstanding." - Casey

7. Lina Stores - "I am an absolute addict for pasta, and am quite picky about it. I ordered four pasta between two people (dont @ me), and each one was a perfect combo of pasta type and sauce. It was magical." - Remee

8. The Barbary - "Any restaurant where I get to sit at a counter and watch the chefs cook is good by me, but the Barbary is extra special!" - Vince

9. Noble Rot - "There is something about Noble Rot that makes you feel like you are one of those people who is totally in-the-know with cool restaurants. Any time I've been there, I end up accidentally spending 4+ hours there because the atmosphere is so enchanting. The wine selection is insane, but the real treasure of that restaurant is the acorn fed jamon." - Becca

East London

1. Jolene - "The menu changes daily, but the toastie usually makes an appearance and is a must-have!" - Jemima

2. Rochelle Canteen - "Rochelle Canteen was the restaurant I wanted to go to when I moved to London and it did not disappoint — it is set within a charming walled off garden in the Shoreditch area and serves deceptively simple food that is done really well. Visit all times of the year, but make sure you dine outside in the summer at least once." - Josie

3. Sager + Wilde Wine Bar - "Good food, strong drink menu, decent prices, plus it is set in an old railway arch." - Melissa

4. SMOKESTAK - "This is the place I always bring people when they are visiting London. When you walk in you get engulfed in a smell of smoked meats and its the best thing in the world. The Crispy Ox Cheek and Brisket Buns are the hero's dishes, but to be honest it's all amazing." - Steph

5. Campania - "Campania's allure is tenfold — great all-day food is of course one of the main draws, but its also set on the cutest street which is super photogenic. I'd recommend visiting on a Sunday after hitting up Columbia Road Flower Market." - Harold

6. Tian Tian - "The best Chinese in London IMHO." - Mel

7. Yardarm - "Yardarm is a deli-cum-bottle shop-cum-cafe-cum-bar that provides Leyton locals with everything from amazingly fresh bread and coffee, to fancy deli meats. You can enjoy a coffee or a pale ale in the garden or indulge on gorgeous snacks while you choose a lovely bottle of wine to take home with you." - Nyall

8. Marmelo Kitchen - "A bright cafe that serves up good brunches, and lunches and a decent roast." - Max

North London

1. Cafe Japan - "This is my favourite place for sushi. Weekends are usually packed so book ahead and don't go if you're in a rush. It's better than any of that expensive sushi you get in the centre of town." - Steph

2. 28 Church Row - "You'd walk past this place without even noticing it! It's a mixture of Spanish and Italian cuisine, and the menu changes slightly due to what's in season." - Sarah

3. Burger UK - ""Burger UK in Camden is the best hamburger I've eaten in London, period. They serve a classic cheeseburger: lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles, melted American cheese, and special burger sauce served on a soft brioche bun. But true burger fans know it's all about the meat, and the grass-fed, free-range beef they grill to perfection is what makes this burger juicy and delicious. Don't sleep on it." - James

4. Jinjuu Soho - "Worth going to just for the Snickers Hotteok" - Joe

5. Parsons - "A solid seafood restaurant. It's a tiny restaurant so it makes you feel quite accomplished when you manage to bag a table." - Melissa

6. The Pig & Butcher - "By far the best roast I've had in London, and one of the most popular as well. Definitely a must visit — but you may need to book days, even weeks, ahead to avoid a wait!" - Jack

7. Maison d'etre - "This places is what comes to mind when I think of 'European cafe'. They have great coffee and cakes, but it's the cosy atmosphere that really sends this into my favorites list." - Tom

8. The Alwyne Castle - "If you want to eat and drink out in the sun, then the Alwyne Castle is your spot. They have a huge outdoor dining space and on nice days they set up an outdoor bar as well." - Jeff

South London

1. Bababoom Battersea - "There are two Bababooms in London, but I live nearer the OG one in Battersea. This cute little restaurant does great kebabs and a killer Bloody Mary!" - Henry

2. Chez Bruce - "Great special occasions restaurant nestled in Wandsworth Common." - Em

3. Negril - "This was my local favourite when I lived in Brixton Hill — if you go, please let me come!" - Martin

4. Naughty Piglets - "This is without a doubt my favourite restaurant in London - order every single thing on the menu because you will not be disappointed." - Jamie

5. Padella - "Fresh pasta at really reasonable prices. The tagliarini with mussels is a must try for me." - Ben

6. Flour & Grape - "It's the perfect combination of delicious fresh Italian food and superb drink while still being extremely cheap. I basically go there every week." - Edward

7. Kudu - "A South African restaurant in Peckham — you have to order the onglet!" - Mary

8. Cafe East - "The spicy pho is one of the best in London and well worth the walk to the corner of the car park." - Vincent

West London

1. Leafwild - "Leafwild has great vegan and gluten free options. They do a great flat white and gluten-free brownies." - Jackie

2. Golborne Deli - "This is the best breakfast in Notting Hill, especially if you're planning to go to Portobello market for the day." - Tom

3. Thai Rice - "If you have a craving for Thai and want a quick fix, this is your place." - Rachel

4. Fezmangal - "Great, I mean great kebabs." - Fiona

5. Essenza Ristorante Italiano - "Never overwhelmingly crowded compared to other places in the area and it serves great Italian food including the best tiramisu I've ever had!" - Jamie

6. The Castle - "So cosy — a great winter pub spot!" - Jessica

7. Ladbroke Arms - "This pub has a great assortment of beer and a nice little outdoor area. It also serves a surprisingly great food menu that you wouldn't find at your standard drinking hole" - Hannah

8. Farmacy - "The cutest decor and great vegan and veggie options. I'm partial to their brunch because their chocolate chip waffles are heavenly but their dinner options are amazing as well!" - Ross

What are your favourite London restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!