Londoners, What Is The Worst Thing That Tourists Do When They Visit The City?

    Let's help ourselves by helping them.

    London is a big, sprawling, and sometimes confusing city, so it's understandable that when people come to visit they can sometimes get it a bit...wrong.

    Londoners: we want you to help us help them, by sharing some of the worst things tourists do when they visit the city.

    Maybe you see them dining at a sub-par chain restaurant when they could get a better (and cheaper) meal just down street away.

    Or maybe they don't realise that some tube stations are *literally* around the corner from each other so sometimes it is quicker to walk!

    Perhaps you've seen someone actually USE a red phone box when you know it is disgusting AF in there.

    So, what mistake do you see first-time visitors make over and over again? Tell us in the comments below, and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.