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15 Lockdown Tweets About Neighbours That Are Sweet, Savage, And Downright Hilarious

"my neighbours have acquired a drum kit, and i.... might actually cry?"


Isolation update: everyone has their windows open and someone in the building next to mine was having sex and she came super loud and then a bunch of people cheered lmao



Today we asked some elderly neighbours if we could pick anything up for them from Sainsbury's. They said yes please. The key items at the top of the list? Gin, jam doughnuts and Maltesers ☺️😂 I don't blame them with times like these.


all the local kids have painted rainbows to stick in the windows to get us through COVID-19 and show support for the NHS. 🌈🌈🌈


Heard some kids a few houses away from ours shouting over the fence to each other yesterday ‘Have you got an email?’ ‘Cos if you have I can email you a picture of my cat’


just a reminder that if your fellow self quarantining neighbors are being too loud you might be able to connect to their Bluetooth speaker


someone in our neighbourhood has responded to this global pandemic by putting a cutout of Ainsley Harriott in their window


84 yr neighbour desperate for connection (@ 2m) so I took the fence down❣️


One of the children who lives opposite has chosen this week to start learning the recorder


Week one of self isolation, made friends with the neighbours we have never spoken to before:


This is my dad ... who made this during isolation so he could still have drinks with the neighbours.


Have to say, when I asked my 89 year old neighbour Jane if she’d like some shopping done, this really wasn’t the list I was expecting.


Just got this from my neighbour whose husband is dealing with the #lockdown via the medium of DIY 😂


my neighbours have acquired a drum kit, and i.... might actually cry?


So our neighbour,Allen is 95 today,I arranged all of the neighbours at 3.45pm to sing happy birthday to him!! You can’t see a lot of the people on the street as we were socially distancing but they were all out with banners #corona #socialdistancing #communityspirit