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    19 New Parents Told Us About The Gifts They Loved Receiving When They Had Their Baby

    Spoiler alert: food is always a good idea.

    We recently asked new parents to tell us about the things they loved receiving after having a baby. These are some of their answers:

    1. Books and toys that are diverse, inclusive, and promote equality.

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    "Books with diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well as toys not picked based on gender."


    2. A fridge full of tasty meals so your friends can eat without having to lift a finger.

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    "Best gift I ever received was a week of meals from my sister-in-law. From French toast casseroles for breakfast to cakes for dessert, I had a ready to heat and eat meal, as well as snacks."


    3. Feeding equipment that aligns with how your friend is planning to feed.

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    "When I had my son a lot of people bought us bottles and dummies without asking us what our preferences were. I breastfed my son and we didn't use dummies which meant a lot of people wasted their money on stuff we didn't use! I would've loved it if people got together and bought me an electric breast pump instead. I know that'll probably go both ways though were someone's been bought breastpads and a breast pump and they wanted to formula feed. I guess what I'm trying to get at is ask what the parents need and communicate with them about how they want to raise their baby before making purchases."


    4. The gift of lending a helping hand around the house.

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    "When I had my second child I wrote a list of jobs which could take either three, five, or ten minutes on our household organiser chalkboard. Things like ‘brush the leaves off the front step’ and ‘put the dry dishes away’. The idea was for visitors to pitch in just a little bit and do a tiny job to make things easier. Nobody did, but it’s the dream."


    5. You can never have enough nappies – buy them in all sizes to help keep them stocked up as their baby grows.

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    "My mother asked my baby shower guests to bring diapers in all sizes – we didn't have to buy any until my son was in a size four! It was amazing. I also really appreciated when friends or a family members went in on a big gift. I can grab all the smaller items, but things like a stroller, crib, car seat are hard to shell out for all at once and I feel weird asking one person to get me each."


    6. Baby PJs with zippers to make those nighttime changes a bit less fiddly.

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    "If you’re going to buy baby pyjamas in newborn or up to three months, please buy ones with zippers. Even if they’re adorable, please don’t make a new parent have to deal with snaps during those middle of the night diaper changes!"


    7. A list of Netflix recommendations for when they just need to sit and relax.


    "Wondersuits (baby grow with zips). Very helpful for quick nappy changes in the night. Muslin squares. Meals for the freezer. Button down PJs for breast feeding. Eye masks to help with dark circles from sleepless nights. Bio Oil for stretch marks. Breast feeding snacks. A list of Netflix recommendations. A cuddly dry towel."


    8. A first aid kit so they don't have to make any late night pharmacy runs.

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    "My favourite thing I received was a 'Baby Boo Boo kit'. It was basically a plastic fishing tackle box filled with various over-the-counter baby meds, small bandaids, thermometer, nasal aspirator, etc. It was amazing that any time my little one got sick I already had what I needed and didn’t have to make a run to the store in the middle of the night."


    9. A Tommee Tippee Day And Night Perfect Prep machine for super smooth feed times.

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    "If there’s one thing I’d recommend to new parents it would be the Tommee Tippee Day and Night Perfect Prep machine. It produces perfect temperature ready to drink formula in two minutes, which is ideal when you have a hungry baby who can’t wait thirty minutes for a bottle to cool down. The best investment for bottle feeding parents."


    10. A sling for getting out and about in.

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    "A sling, bibs, soother, and sleep bag!! Never would have thought to buy myself and would have been lost."


    11. Classic childhood books with a cute personalised message written inside.

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    "Books – maybe favourites from their own childhoods. I want a them to write a special message of some sort in it – something like a motivational saying or a memory – and sign it."


    12. A cheque to help kick off their child's savings.

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    "All gifts were appreciated but the best was a cheque made out in my daughter's name. It wasn't a huge amount of money but it meant we had to open a bank account in her name to cash it. Now the account is open it's super easy to put a bit of savings away for her when she's older, to help pay for her education or a deposit on a house etc."


    13. Gift cards to help go towards bigger baby purchases.

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    "Cash or gift cards are handy to go towards any larger items (like a car seat) since those are pricey and I'm picky on brands for bigger purchases."


    14. A luxurious dressing gown for mum to relax in.

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    "A gorgeous dressing gown for me – I lived in it after my C-Section."


    15. Basics that you can never have enough of, like baby wipes.

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    "Nappies and wipes galore! Gift cards work too. Also, something nice for mum – we need some pampering too. We did just birth a baby!"


    16. A Nosefrida to help clear up a congested nose.

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    "If I were to pick one item, it would be the Nosefrida. That thing WORKS."


    17. A baby bathing set that is ready and waiting for bath time.

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    "One of my friends is putting together a bathing set for us, every week she just adds a new thing into our shopping basket – sponges, baby bath, baby shampoo etc."


    18. Seasonally appropriate clothes so they're looking stylish all year round.

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    "Make sure if you’re buying clothes that they make sense based on the season that the child will likely be wearing them. I had some people buy me largest sizes, which was great, but they bought summer clothes in a six months size, which would be January here in Iowa. Now they’re either never going to wear them or will only be able to wear them in the house when no one can see the cute outfit you bought!"


    19. And the cheapest but most valuable gift of them all: your time.

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    "I just wanted a lot of company – raising a newborn gets lonely, sometimes just a five minute chat and cuppa is a godsend."


    Submissions may have been edited for length and clarity.

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