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    The 9 Stages Of Someone Walking In On You On The Toilet

    A complete breakdown of your mid-pee breakdown.

    1. Mid-flow panic.

    2. Strategise.

    3. Shame.

    Someone walked in on me in the toilet today. If I was seated on the lid already, it'd be fine. I was backing the door, bent over the lid wipping it with my pants around my ankle. Bum bum in full view. I'm ready to close for the year. And forever actually.

    "I'm an adult and I've still not learned how to properly lock a door and now because of that, some poor unsuspecting stranger has seen my privates. I was even holding pre-folded toilet paper so I was ready to wipe."

    4. Anger.

    5. Interest.

    One time my sister walked in on me while I was going to the bathroom and she told me I look bad when on the toilet and tbh I think about that every day.

    Giphy / @rupaulsdragrace / Via

    "I wonder what they saw. Like, everything? Or were the folds of my clothes kind of covering things up a bit?"

    6. Fear.

    7. Sympathy.

    8. Residual panic.

    9. Indignance.

    I just accidentally walked in on a woman in the cafe toilet. She laughed so much and so hard and it was just the best laugh, such a good laugh and it cracked me up too, and even when she came out we were still laughing and this odd joyful thing has made my day

    Giphy / @LittleTheMovie / Via

    "Repeat after me: I shouldn't be ashamed. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, even if it includes someone seeing you, pants down, enjoying a long and relaxing wee."