25 Embarrassing Things All Girls That Have Been To A Club Have Done

    PSA: You probably can't dance like J-Lo.

    1. Been turned away from the club because you forgot your ID.

    2. Tried to save the situation by flirting with the door person.

    3. Ditched your coat in a random corner because you didn't want to pay the £1 cloakroom fee.

    4. After a few drinks, convinced yourself that you're actually a really good dancer.

    5. Spent the entirety of the night trying to look aloof and cool so that the ex you've just seen in the club will regret the day they ever wronged you.

    6. Said something awkward to the Z-list celebrity that is making an appearance that night.

    7. Or thought you met a celebrity.

    8. Been the only person to "whoop" when the DJ prompted you to.

    9. Attempted to seduce the bar person just so you could get some free drinks.

    10. Been shouted out of the men's toilets after trying to sneak in there to skip a queue.

    11. Ran out of toilet roll and had to spend an inordinate amount of time in the loo so you could properly drip dry.

    12. Worn a jumpsuit and then realised that to go for a wee you need to strip completely naked.

    13. Worn heels so ridiculously perilous that you have to hold on to something at all times.

    14. Slipped over while trying to dance sexily with your friend.

    15. Fallen asleep in the club...or toilet.

    16. Lost all your friends and ended up wandering around alone.

    17. Gotten with someone and then gone to get them a drink only to turn around and catch them getting with someone else.

    18. Spending all night getting with someone and then discovering when the lights come up, that they're not fit at all.

    19. Or been ditched by your friend so they could make out with someone all night.

    20. Spent the end of the night vomming on the dancefloor.

    21. Or even worse, vommed on someone else.

    22. Cried.

    23. Only realised at the end of your night that your make-up had basically left your face.

    24. Gotten overly excited in the photobooth.

    25. And finally, spent the next day hounding the club's Facebook page asking them to take down all of the horrendous photos of you.