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    13 Things I Want To Know About Halloween In America

    Seriously America, what is candy corn?

    1. First off, why do you go so big at Halloween?

    2. How come you start prepping for Halloween so early?

    3. Why do you all spend so much money on Halloween?

    4. Do your dogs mind being stuffed into lil' cute costumes?

    Guys.....I bought Halloween costumes for my dogs already

    @hopereyes24 / Via Twitter: @hopereyes24

    My dog would not be happy about this.

    5. How did you get so damn good at pumpkin carving?

    I totally forgot about my family’s legendary pumpkin carving skills. Last year was good, but this year I’m taking it to the next level

    @lizzy_k_white / Via Twitter: @lizzy_k_white

    You guys do some professional looking shit to those squash plants.

    6. And is going to the pumpkin patch connected to Halloween or do you guys just really like pumpkins?

    7. Do you actually send Halloween greeting cards?!

    8. Do you actually TP houses if they don't get into the spooky holiday spirit?

    9. Are Halloween-themed gender reveals about to become a thing?

    @gentry_nicole6 / Via Twitter: @Gentry_Nicole6

    10. What is candy corn?! And why is it such a hotly contested confectionary snack?

    We’re coming up to that time of year again so once again I’d like to say: if you like candy corn fuck you

    @bi_saxy / Via Twitter: @bi_saxy

    I know a simple google would answer this burning question but maybe I like to keep the mystery alive, ok?

    11. Is it true that some houses actually give out super healthy snacks instead of candy?

    12. I want to know whether Halloween at Disneyworld and Disneyland is as incredible as it looks?

    13. And finally, what actually constitutes as a Halloween costume to you guys?