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React To These Breakup Situations And We'll Tell You Whether You're Savage Or Not

"You've given me the ick"

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  1. You’ve been seeing someone casually for a couple of months but you’re not feeling ~the connection~. How do you tell them?

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  2. You’ve gone travelling without your long-term partner. Along the way you’ve found someone that you’re interested in, do you break up with your partner first or pursue the new relationship?

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  3. The person you’re seeing has started to give you the ick. What line do you use to break it off?

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  4. You've just found out that your longterm partner has been cheating. How do you break up with them?

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  5. When is it okay to ghost someone?

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  6. You and your ex have just mutually broken things off. You’ve always fancied their friend. What do you do?

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  7. Finally, pick somewhere to break-up with someone in-person:

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