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    17 Times Phan Was Just Too Real

    Everybody knows that British YouTubers/best friends/house mates Dan Howell and Phil Lester are secretly dating.

    1. When the first video they filmed together ended like this.

    2. When they share clothes and it makes you want to scream into the void

    3. Do I need to explain this?

    4. Or that time they got moist together and Dan tweeted the two guys holding hands emojis.

    5. All of the little things they say during videos

    6. Heart Eyes Howell and Love Eyes Lester

    7. Remember when Dan wrote and read a fan fiction about them?

    8. And when their friend asked them who the best man at their wedding would be and they reacted like this.

    9. And Tumblr tag when Dan read Phan fiction out loud and Phil had to leave.

    10. During Philisnotonfire...

    11. Oh and there's that

    12. The infamous Phil Lester Defense Squad, featuring Dan Howell

    13. Ok that's cute

    14. The cute domestic arguments

    15. This beautiful aesthetically pleasing moment

    16. And these

    17. Damn Daniel- back at it again with the heart eyes

    So do you think Phan is real? Let me know in the comments :)