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British Parliament Held A Debate On Dog Poop

This is an issue almost as big as Brexit

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With all the talk of Brexit, media outlets from across the globe neglected another current major debate happening in the British Parliament.

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Today it was announced that the Queen will grant Royal Assent to Article 50, thus triggering Brexit. Naturally, this story made it into newspapers globally. However, the news of Brexit overshadowed another nationwide debate occurring in the U.K.

Anne Main, a Conservative politician, led a debate in Parliament about dog poop.


The MP for St Albans spoke in Parliament about the concerning rise of bagged dog poop hanging from trees in English woodland and rural areas. She expressed her concern about the rampant increase of dog fouling and the rise of “ghastly dog poo baubles” in British parks and fields.

She urged Parliament to adopt a "pragmatic poo strategy".

Main called for a "pragmatic poo strategy". This would "recognize both the failings of human nature and the need to enjoy the family walk”. She believes that the rise in dog fouling is unsightly, damaging to the environment and bad for tourism.

As part of the PPS (pragmatic poo strategy), main implored dog-owners to adopt a 'stick and flick' approach. This involves cleaning the mess off pathways and flicking it into the undergrowth. Covering the remains with leaves was also preferred over the bagging technique.

During the debate, the politician recited a poem called 'If your dog should do a plop'.

To conclude an hour long conversation about faeces, the Member of Parliament recited a poem. 'If your dog should do a plop' is a poem used by the Forestry Commission to guide dog owners on how best to dispose of their furry friends plops.

Main believes that the debate will raise awareness for the pressing nationwide issue. She hopes that on top of more people adopting the 'stick and flick' approach, government ministers will support the funding of better signage at forest areas and parks about how to properly dispose of dog poop.

So there you have it. Politicians talking crap is a universal thing.

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