Are Rappers Actually Worth What They Say They're Worth?

No, not really. At all. We compared rappers' alleged wealth as heard in their lyrics to their actual wealth.

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Listening to these rappers' lyrics was inspired by Businessweek's Jay-Z Is Right: Most Rappers Are Lying About Their Money. Our methodology was slightly different: instead of using net worth and earnings in a specific year interchangeably, we used net worth exclusively. (In Lil Wayne's case, we used earnings to be consistent with his lyrics.) This approach allowed for more accurate comparisons. Data was provided by Celebrity Net Worth and Forbes.


Song: Feel This Moment, 2012

"I see the future but live for the moment, make sense don't it. Now make dollar, I mean billions, I'm a genius, I mean brilliant."

Actual net worth: $20 million

Rick Ross

Song: Ashamed, 2012

"Until this day I'm slain, the commission remains. Net worth over a billion, I'm ashamed to say."

Actual net worth: $28 million

You're ashamed for the wrong reason.

Nicki Minaj

Song: Up In Flames, 2012

"I'm in Saint-Tropez, on a big boat. Go my way to make a billi like a big goat."

Actual net worth: $45 million

Only $955 million shy of your goal Nicki, keep up the good work.


Song: Shot Caller Remix, 2012

"Dippin in a Gatti, billboards in Toyko. Worth about a billi and I still run the city."

Actual net worth: $580 million

"About" is a stretch Diddy, but hey, why not round up?