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16 Things You Need To Eat In Manchester Right Now

There's more to Manchester's food scene than Greggs.

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1. Butter, blood & bleu burger at Almost Famous.

@famouseats / Via Twitter

Since its opening in 2012, Almost Famous has become somewhat of a mecca for those looking for a dirty burger. The best on the menu? What they call the “Butter, Blood & Bleu” – a burger chock full of cheese, chorizo, “wonder onions” and three types of sauces. Oh, and a rump steak on top.

3. Clementine at The French.

The French / Via

Adam Reid's clementine may be a variation of his golden empire apple dessert that was made famous on the Great British Menu, but it's by no means inferior. Crunchy, fluffy and moreish, this cacophony of white chocolate cream and sugared orange shell comes together to create a work of gastronomic art worthy of any restaurant.


4. The prime rib at Hawskmoor.

Hawksmoor / Via

Although the Hawksmoor on Deansgate is the company's first branch to venture outside the capital, it can undoubtedly match any of its Cockney siblings. Opt for the dictionary-thick prime rib for a mouth-wateringly good cut of beef. I'm just emotional thinking about it.

5. Manchester tart ice cream at Manchester House

Josh Lee

Chef Aiden Bryne has put a modern twist on a classic school dinner by transforming the essence of the shortcut pastry dessert into a single scoop of ice cream. Not too sweet, but not too savoury, this dish is exquisite.

6. Sashimi at Australasia

@australasia_mcr / Via Instagram

Subterranean restaurant Australasia cooks up some of the finest pan-Asian cuisines in the North West. For something that will keep your appetite ticking over, make sure to order the silk-smooth sashimi.

7. Double down at Solita

@solita_restaurants / Via Instagram

The guys at Solita will deep-fry almost anything, and this monstrosity is one of the finest dishes to have left their kitchen. Known as the "double down" this juicy creation is made up of two buttermilk fried chicken breasts which sandwich several strips of crispy bacon. But be warned, this burger is only available at random intervals, so keep your eyes peeled on Solita’s social media accounts.


8. Moodog at Pieminister

Pieminister / Via

If you’re in the North then you'll be committing heresy if you didn't gorge on a pie. To keep things simple and classic, head to Pieminister in the city’s cool Northern Quarter and order a “Moodog” which is stuffed with beef steak, smoked bacon and craft ale, all of which are encased in a thick shortcrust pastry.

10. Strudel at the Manchester Christmas markets

Monchichi10 / Via Flickr

Rather than being crispy and light, the strudels at Manchester’s Christmas markets break from the Austrian tradition and instead are stodgy, slightly chewy and served piping hot with a ladle-full of custard on top. This is the ideal winter warmer.

11. Black pudding at Bury Market

Oli Scarff / Via AFP Photo

For those outside the North the black pudding may raise a few eyebrows, but for Mancs this carnivorous concoction is the ideal comfort food. For the best that the city has offer then head to Bury, the town where the black pudding was birthed.


12. Oreo-M-F-G at Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home - Great Northern / Via Facebook

As the name suggests, you’ll be cursing a lot when you take a forkful of this sugar-injected treat. A plate-sized pancake is sprinkled with crumbles of Oreo cookies and drenched with what the staff call “dream cheese drizzle.” This is one guilty pleasure that you’ll never regret ordering.

13. Rainbow cake at Teacup

@teacupcakes / Via Instagram

Just look at it. LOOK AT IT

14. Vegetarian fish and chips at Fuel Cafe

Sophie Knight / Via Pinterest

Fuel Cafe is a vegan- and vetegarian-friendly restaurant located off a bustling student road and is known for its fresh food made on site. For something delicious yet healthy make sure to order the veggie "fish and chips" which is made from grilled halloumi in lemon and herb bread crumbs.

15. Grilled cheese at Northern Soul

@northernsoulmcr / Via Twitter

Whether you're an MMU student or an accountant working in Spinningfields, Mancunian life can often run at a fast pace. So if you can't spare an hour or two for lunch, then a steaming hot sandwich on-the-go from grill kings Northern Soul is the thing for you.

16. Chicken thighs at Fazenda

Fazenda / Via

Herbivores looks away now because at Fazenda meat is king. The Brazilian restaurant offers up some worldly barriga de porco, contra filé and filet mignon on skewers, but my pick of the bunch is the frango chicken thighs that have been marinaded with lemon and garlic and grilled to perfection.