13 Questions You Should Stop Asking People

These are the questions that people on Twitter hate being asked. Don’t be a jerk, stop asking them these kind of questions! #QuestionsIHateBeingAsked


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked What’s Your Name ?— Karyme (@Karyme_Gonzales) September 27, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked - how was school today? It was the same as the last 6,000 days of my life.— Honey Boo Boo Child (@CrazyHoneyBooBo) September 25, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked You’re tall… Do you play basketball? Not all tall people play basketball. Okay?— jordyn kay. ∞ (@JordynLindeman) September 27, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Did you gain weight?— Dee Kosh (@dee_kosh) September 26, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked “Where’s your boyfriend?”— Lilyyyy. (@callmealyshot) September 26, 2012


#questionsihatebeingasked “have you always been that tall?” Yes you idiots i was born 5’8”.— Nicole Donovan ♚ (@NicoleDonovann) September 26, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked How much do you weigh?— 1D&Janoskians (@VeronicaPayne1D) September 26, 2012


#questionsihatebeingasked why u single— Samir (@RealSamirGotti) September 26, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked “Can I get a shout out?”— Brennon Smith (@thesmithxx) September 26, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked “Send me a pic?”— It’s Barbie Bitch!(@MyLifeAsABarbie) September 26, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked “WHY IS THERE A CHRISTMAS TREE ON YOUR FLAG?!”— Lebanese Problems (@LebaneseProblem) September 25, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked Who are you texting?— Zac Kennedy (@RealZacKennedy) September 25, 2012


#QuestionsIHateBeingAsked “Are you Brad Pitt?”— Roy Cropper (@TheRoyCropper) September 25, 2012

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