Tyler Oakley Went On Grindr To Convince Gays To Vote, And They Are Ready To Come Out

    Make America Gay Again.

    Tyler Oakley took to Grindr to try and convince people to vote in this year's midterm elections.

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    Tyler Oakley / Via youtube.com

    If you've been living under a rock and don't know what Grindr is, Tyler Oakley describes it as "a networking app for adult gay men to find other adult gay men to say 'hey.'"

    And if you've ever been on Grindr, you know that people on the app tend to cut to the chase — aka people are not afraid to ask for pics below the belt. Knowing this, Tyler decided to use the platform of Eager Eddies to convince people to come out and vote.

    There are two types of Grindr accounts — a free one, where you can only see people close to you, and a premium one where you can change your location and can contact Friendly Freddys around the country.

    Tyler decided to change his location to swing districts and swing states where there are important midterm elections — the result was gay-tastic.

    The first person Tyler reached out to was very straight forward, telling him he was doing "pretty well and horny."

    But Tyler was on Grindr for one reason only — no, not to find a daddy to take him to a Gaga concert — he was horny to vote!

    Before Tyler finishes, he tells Horny Henry that he can text "POLLS" to 50409 to find out polling information!

    He continued messaging people around the country and the results were epic — this Lovely Larry is already planning on voting.

    This Smart Sam has already early voted!

    After coming across other early voter, Tyler reminds this Prepared Peter that he should reach out to five of his friends and tell them to text "POLLS" to 50409, for voting information.

    "If you are out there and you are eligible and able to vote, I beg of you to get involved. It is your right, it is your duty."

    Are you horny to vote?

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