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    I Can't Stop Watching This Sumo Wrestler Sign Autographs

    Those are some expensive hands.

    Sumo wrestler, Takayasu, uses his hand to sign autographs in Kurume City, Japan.

    <冬巡業@久留米市>色紙に手形を押す高安。#sumo #相撲

    Twitter: @sumokyokai / Via Twitter: @sumokyokai

    According to Johnny Suputama, founder of Spoon & Tamago, "wrestlers were considered sacred warriors and their hand prints were good-luck charms, which is how they became collector's items."

    Takayasu is a professional sumo wrestler who has won multiple awards and prizes in the sport.

    In a video posted to the @sumokyokai twitter account, Takayasu can be seen "signing" autographs that will be sold to fans.

    He quickly presses his hand on ink and then marks white paper with his handprint.

    This is so satisfying.

    I could watch this all day long.

    One by one, Takayasu leaves his mark, creating memorabilia for sumo lovers.

    How much would you pay for this unique autograph?