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People Told Jimmy Fallon The Worst Christmas Gifts They've Ever Gotten, And You'll Be Grateful You're Not Them

"At least it's not a scratch and sniff."

Jimmy Fallon asked people to tweet #worstgiftever and he shared their responses on "The Tonight Show."

NBC / Via Facebook: FallonTonight

In the age of gift cards and cold hard cash, it may seem like people don't put thought into getting their loved ones presents. But these worst gifts ever will make you want to scream!

This guy's mom was throwing some serious Christmas shade.

This gift was from a brother, and it's the most brother thing ever.

On the bright side...

And the award for worst husband goes to...

Rule number 37 — never give anyone a present with baby faces on it, unless it's of their baby.

Now only if there was a picture...

Fatal Attraction.

This boyfriend's gift had her saying "thank you, next."

What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?