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    Fans Threw Almost 35,000 Stuffed Animals During A Live Hockey Game, And It Was The Icing On The Cake

    The game was immediately stopped to collect the plush animals.

    People threw 34,798 teddy bears and other stuffed animals during a minor league hockey game β€” they are being donated to various charities during the holiday season.

    This. Is. Amazing. @TheHersheyBears annual #TeddyBearToss will give you all the holiday feels! Stuffed animals go to dozens of different charities! #DefendtheDen #HBH @espn @NHL @Hersheypa

    Twitter: @AliLanyon / Via Twitter: @AliLanyon

    The Teddy Bear Toss is a tradition among minor league hockey teams β€” they ask fans to bring teddy bears and other stuffed animals to a select game. After the home team scores its first goal, fans bombard the ice rink with their fluffy donations.

    Ali Lanyon captured the mesmerizing moment while attending a Hershey Bears hockey game.

    34,798 stuffed animals were reportedly collected breaking the Hershey's previous record of 25,017.

    The bears and other plushies are donated to various charities including the American Cancer Society and Children's Miracle Network.

    It was definitely an amazing site as the teddy bears kept flying to the center of the arena.

    The magical moment was thrilling for the fans and even more heart-warming for the charities receiving the gifts.

    Will you be partaking in next year's Teddy Bear Toss?

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