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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People On The Street About Kid Rock Winning A Senate Race, He Didn't

"I did see it on my phone."

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In Jimmy Kimmel's, "Lie Witness News" segment, his team asked people on the streets of Los Angeles how they felt about Kid Rock winning his Michigan senate race — he wasn't even a candidate.

Facebook: JimmyKimmelLive / Via Facebook: JimmyKimmelLive

Jimmy Kimmel's team told people on the street that Kid Rock won his Michigan senate race — showing them a video of Kid Rock in concert, people were told it was his victory speech.

Even though this woman didn't go into much detail — she heard about it.

This woman was asked how she felt about Kid Rock proposing to lower the age to buy scratchs off to ten — she may have actually believed he won his senate race, but has strong feelings about children and gambling.

These two were asked about Kid Rock's campaign slogan, "smell my finger, no new taxes."

This woman had an interesting reaction to being told that Kid Rock said at his rally — "no fatties."

This woman was shocked to hear that Kid Rock wanted to increase tax revenue by taxing crystal meth.

This girl was asked for any final words — addressing Kid Rock using his "real name," provided by Jimmy Kimmel's street team.

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