The Footage Of Jimmy Fallon Zip Lining Is Here, And I Can't Stop Watching

    "OMG. OMG. OMG."

    Jimmy Fallon is known for his over-the-top hilarious late-night talkshow, interviewing Hollywood's biggest celebs, and playing games — he is NOT known for doing extreme sports.

    HOWEVER, Jimmy did not disappoint when he took a leap of faith on the world's second largest zip line — while filming an episode of "The Tonight Show" in Puerto Rico.

    Jimmy suited up with a harness and backpack to face the 95mph 'monster.'

    Oh crap...

    The late-night host was definitely having second thoughts about riding this insane zip line.

    But Jimmy is no punk — if he can play 'Can You Feel It?' with Jennifer Lopez, then he can fly nearly two miles in the air attached to a single cord.

    His face tho...

    Seriously, I'm having anxiety just watching this.

    This is def a hell-to-the-no!

    Jimmy survived the dangerous journey and it was high-fives all around!

    What's your biggest fear?

    Check out the full clip below and don't forget to subscribe to "The Tonight Show" YouTube channel, here.

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