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    Jennifer Lopez Joined Jimmy Fallon For The 'Can You Feel It' Game, And There Was A Lot Of Freaking Out

    Jenny from the box.

    Jennifer Lopez and Milo Ventimiglia played 'Can You Feel It?' on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

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    Singer, actress, and goddess Jennifer Lopez joined Jimmy Fallon for a game called, 'Can You Feel It?'

    For this game, each person reaches their hands into a box filled with a random item — they then have 30 seconds to guess what is inside.

    Jimmy went first and correctly guessed a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Next up was J Lo, and her box had a snowman inside.

    J Lo was terrified, and it didn't help that Jimmy tried to freak her out even more.

    Jenny from the block was really confused about what was inside the box.

    She guessed ice, which technically wasn't wrong.

    Jimmy's next turn consisted of him being mortified by a fake tarantula.

    He literally claimed the fake spider bit him.

    Ms. Lopez's next item was a toaster filled with sponges, and her first guess was gag worthy.

    For the last round Milo Ventimiglia joined the duo in hopes of making a correct guess — the surprise item was a large bowl of guacamole. Jennifer dug right in, and she was so overwhelmed by the texture.

    Do you know someone who would be totally fine playing this game?

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