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Dr. Evil Went On The "Tonight Show" With Jimmy Fallon To Discuss Running For Congress, And There Are One Million Reasons To Vote

"Get shizzy on the wacky."

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Dr. Evil went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss his congressional campaign — outlining his "evil five point plan."

Facebook: FallonTonight / Via Facebook: FallonTonight

In a last minute campaign pitch, Dr. Evil joined Jimmy Fallon to convince people to vote evil.

Although Dr. Evil isn't running as a Democrat or Republican — he is running as an evil-tarian — he has one goal.

If you are skeptical about his platform, don't worry — he has a plan.

Step 1. The only flavor of Pringles will be "screaming dill pickles," — feature an even skinnier tube, that's evil.

Step 2. He will make Don Jr. Secretary of Treasury because he is made out of dough — no, not money.

Step 3. He will increase ads from five seconds to eight seconds.

Step 4. Although not really evil — he wants to legalize weed.

Step 5. The new National Anthem will be the Evil Shark song.

There you have it - the evil five point plan.

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