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    Brent Rivera Made An Ariana Grande "Thank You, Next" Parody, And This Is Everyone Who Has Been To High School

    Thank you, Brent.

    Brent Rivera made an Ariana Grande "Thank You, Next" parody, and this is everyone who has been to high school.

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    YouTube Star Brent Rivera is known for his over-the-top viral videos. He created a parody based around his crush not remember his name.

    In the video, Brent opened the door for his crush and he was super excited... But she couldn't remember his name.

    She tried again...

    Damn, that feeling when your crush can't remember your name is peak high school.

    Even if your crush doesn't know who you are, you are still excited to see them — no matter what they are doing.

    They are just cute AF.

    At the end of the day you still have your friends, though.

    And a book to write down all of your fantasies.

    Would you remember Brent's name?

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