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    This Alpaca Photobombing A Girl's Selfies Is Everything You Need Going Into The Holidays

    Llama need a minute after seeing this.

    This is hotcupofjodie. According to her Instagram, Jodie is from New Zealand and is a self proclaimed "crazy dog lady," photographer, and alpaca enthusiast.

    This is an alpaca โ€” a cute, furry mammal that is commonly mistaken for a llama.

    And this is an alpaca photobombing Jodie's selfie.

    Isn't that face the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

    hotcupofjodie / Via Instagram: @hotcupofjodie

    You could photobomb me all day.

    It's hard to get this much attention from your friends โ€” but alpacas aren't just friends, they're family!