A Store Employee Fell For A Sneaker Stealing Prank And He Deserves A Raise


    @HarvinthSkin gave this JD Sports employee the scare of the day by pretending he was stealing a fresh pair of kicks, and this guy deserves a raise for his reaction.

    I had to give it a try? 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ Instagram : @harvinthskin

    Twitter: @harvinthskin / Via Twitter: @harvinthskin

    According to @harvinthskin's Twitter account, an employee at a JD Sports store, that he refers to as "that man like Martin," helped him try on a new pair of sneakers.

    The store employee appeared to be extremely helpful and keen on assisting the customer.

    Harvinth laced up his shoes as 'that man like Martin' stood by to make sure he was having the best experience at the store.

    He did a quick bounce around and took a few steps to see if the sneakers were a good fit.

    Then Harvinth bolted for the exit!

    He was out faster than a green bean casserole on a Tuesday afternoon!

    But this dedicated employee wasn't going to let him get away with stealing the kicks — he chased him down, with the box in hand!

    But wait, there's more! Harvinth sprinted back into the store.

    It turns out that it was all a prank!

    'The man like Martin' breathed a sigh of relief and was all smiles when he realized it was all in good fun.

    Let's all hope that #shoeandscrew isn't the next viral challenge!