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101 Thoughts You'll Have While Backpacking Australia

Down Under can be confusing AF

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You've just got your Working Holiday Visa, you've said goodbye to everybody back home and it's time to start your great Aussie adventure.

And this is a little how the next 12 months will pan out.

1) Goodbye shitty weather and hello sunshine!

2) Fuck that was a long flight

3) It's too hot

4) Hostel life won't be so bad

5) Ten people in a room? No problemo

6) Uh it smells

7) I hate it

8) Are those people in the bunk next to me having sex?

9) Yep they are

10) But I'm going to be so healthy and get so ripped

11) Yoga on the beach

12) Hiking through the national parks

13) Fuck that there's a McDonald's over there

14) Maccas, sorry

15) What the hell is a Bogan?

16) I will never get bored of the beach

17) Aussies really love The Bachelor

18) A drive through... bottle shop?

19) That explains why everyone's always drunk

20) Umm why are they raffling meat in the pub?

21) Fuck I won!

22) So many sausages

23) A 'lockout law' in Sydney? Haha

24) Oh, they're not joking

25) That's a dumb idea

26) What a lovely sunset

27) Someone take a picture of me pretending I'm not looking

28) Take another.. it doesn't look candid enough


30) My life is so Instagramable now

31) I am nowhere near attractive enough for Bondi

32) Why does crossing the road take so bloody long?

33) Vegemite? No thank you

34) Wait.. they eat Kangaroo? Aren't they sacred?

35) Shit they tasty

36) And cheaper than chicken

37) Wow they really do love a BBQ

38) Oh my god was that a shooting star?

39) Fuck this outback is big

40) Ah a fire!

41) Back to the coast I go pls

42) So 'bush land' basically means 'shit load of nothing'

43) Fair enough

44) What a lovely sunset

45) Greyhound time

46) New town and new hostel!

47) Now to make new friends

48) And repeat

49) 'Yeah we'll totally keep in touch'

50) *Deletes off Facebook*

51) No one understands me

52) I'm from Manchester not the moon

53) It's a Northern accent people

54) Is he grocery shopping without wearing any shoes?

55) That's a thing then

56) Why is everything so expensive?

57) I'm not paying that for bread

58) I miss Asda

59) 'Oh you live in your transit van?'

60) Very thrifty

61) Trampy is trendy here

62) Hun you're still allowed to shower though

63) What a lovely sunset

64) Shit I've put weight on

65) What the fuck is a Fraser Island?

66) They have Nandos!

67) It tastes different

68) Wait... gay people can't get married here?

69) But you have such a big Mardi Gras

70) I'm confused

71) Who the bloody hell is Crown Princess Mary?

72) And Schapelle Corby?

73) Cocaine Cassie is totally guilty

74) Can I really get chlamydia from a koala?

75) Shit it actually does get cold here

76) Wait... Snowwy Mountains?

77) Oh my god I'm skiiing in Australia

78) Not another fucking sunset

79) Wine... in a box?

80) This is the best thing ever

81) Uhh I'm never drinking again

82) Ignore that Josh, there's goon left!

83) Why are they selling hotdogs outside a hardware store?

84) Sand every-fucking-where

85) 88 days of farmwork won't be so bad

86) I want to die

87) Why do I need a Superannuation if I'm only here a year?

88) Ughh backpacker tax as well?

89) This country is too big

90) Well surfing is harder than it looks

91) 'Please can I borrow some sun screen?'

92) 'I'll only use a bit'

93) 'Sorry, I used it all'

94) Why haven't I bumped into a Hemsworth yet?

95) I think I'm a Bogan

96) What's with all these big things?

97) The big banana! The big lobster! The big mango!

98) Everybody is so chilled

99) Wait... Cunt isn't a bad word here?

100) I never want to leave

101) 'No mum, I haven't found myself yet I'm staying another year.'

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