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101 Things McFly Have Done Instead Of Recording Album Six

Apparently they've got all the time in the world

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In 2010 my favourite band McFly released their fifth studio album, Above The Noise. The following year they toured the record before settling down to concentrate on album six. Well, that was the plan.

Instead, here's everything members Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter have done instead of finishing that fucking album.

1. Literally anything

2. Like writing a book called Unsaid Things

3. With chapters including 'We're Doing This Instead Of An Album'

4. Then spending months promoting it

5. Releasing a greatest hits album called Memory Lane

6. Because their first Greatest Hits in 2007 didn't have enough great hits on it

7. Yep I still bought both

8. Doing a random 'best of' tour called Keep Calm & Play Louder

9. Don't tell me to keep calm

10. Teasing us with new songs on KCPL

11. Then never mentioning them again

12. Justice for 'Do Watcha' and 'Touch The Rain'

13. Literally introducing them songs on stage as 'for album six'

14. Hinting that album six would then follow in 2014

15. It didn't

16. Announcing a load of 10th anniversary shows at the Royal Albert Hall

17. Selling out the RAH shows

18. Performing the RAH shows

19. Inviting mates James Bourne and Matt Willis on stage at the RAH

20. Deciding to sack McFly off and make a new band with them instead

21. Another live DVD of the RAH show

Via Twitter/YouTube

22. Mc-fucking-Busted

23. Removing 'McFly' from their Twitter names

24. Yep we noticed

25. Selling out an arena tour with McBusted

26. Writing, recording and releasing a McBusted album

27. Harry literally saying they've 'scrapped' album six to concentrate on McBusted

28. Then admitting one of the scrapped McFly songs is on the McBusted album

29. That'd be track 'Getting It Out'

30. Something they failed to do with album six

31. Then another McBusted tour

32. Don't forget the McBusted live DVD

33. Oh and the Hyde Park show with McBusted

34. That was really good actually but I'm still mad

Via Attitude/BBC

35. Sacking McBusted off when Charlie Simpson decided to stop sulking

36. He probs had some bills to pay tbh

37. Doing another Greatest Hits tour but calling this one 'Anthology'


39. Dougie telling me they'd start writing new music during Anthology

40. Then Harry later saying they'll start writing new music in Jan 2017 instead

41. Which basically never happened because....

42. Danny told Metro in JUNE: 'We just met up to talk about doing the album.'

43. Which won't work cause Dougie is now off to become a movie star

44. He's landed a lead role in new movie 'Kat And The Band'

45. Ironic cause he used to be in a band

46. Dougie said filming will likely start in July 2017 'just outside of London'

Via ITV/Instagram

47. Basically all deciding TV is much easier than making this album

48. Like Dougie winning I'm A Celeb

49. Harry winning Strictly Come Dancing

50. And starring in ITV's Full Monty celeb special

51. While stripping for Attitude mag every 0.2492 seconds

52. Danny doing that weird opera show on ITV

53. Then becoming a coach on The Voice Kids

54. Also appearances on Lorraine, Alan Carr, Mr & Mrs, Family Fortunes etc

55. The boys did write/record the new theme to the Paul O'Grady show though

56. Because yolo?

57. They also wrote some songs for One Direction

58. And performed with them as McBusted in Sweden

59. I only know that one cause I was there

60. It was a nice little trip thanks for asking

61. Yes I'd recommend Sweden for a cute city break


62. Tom and Dougie writing a series of kids books about a Dinosaur having a shit

63. Which are now being turned into a Hollywood movie

64. Harry deciding to also do a new book about being fit and happy

65. Which is funny cause yes he's fit

66. But no we're not happy

67. Tom becoming the king of YouTube

68. Literally 93 million views he's had

69. Tom also getting married to childhood sweetheart Giovanna

70. Then having a baby boy called Buzz

71. And then having another kid called Buddy

72. Harry also got married to the lovely Izzy

73. And they had a daughter called Lola

74. Which is the title of a song they once covered

75. Back when they actually made albums and stuff

76. The pair are now expecting their second child

77. Cute

78. Danny also married bae Georgia

79. She was once Miss England and is really nice

80. Hey Georgia

81. No kids for them though

'Album to make? No! Not us!' / Via Instagram

82. Harry and Tom later supporting their wives in their own book releases

83. And all supporting Tom's sister Carrie in her various books


85. Dougie dating and splitting from Ellie Goulding

86. And probably Frankie Sandford too it's been that long

87. But it's okay cause he's pretty much a model now

88. Literally at every fashion show going

89. Usually stood near someone from Made In Chelsea

90. Or Jim Chapman off of YouTube

91. Recently walking the actual catwalk for D&G

92. He also went Coachella because #hipster

93. Harry modelling a random shoot promoting Game Of Thrones

94. That was a bit of a weird #ad for NOW TV

95. He also launched his #HangoutwithHarry fitness things

96. Anything instead of drumming

97. I'm running out of things to list now

98. And I've now gone from feeling angry to sad

99. Where the fuck is this album?

100. Sorry for swearing

101. But honestly someone needs to save the charts from The Chainsmokers



Fair enough they managed Love Is On The Radio and Love Is Easy in this seven year break, but c'mon!

Feel free to let me know the billion things I've missed off that they've done.

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