Prime minister Scott Morrison said it was a "sorry that dare not ask for forgiveness, a sorry that speaks only of profound grief and loss".

Josh Taylor • 6 hours ago

All same-sex marriages conducted within the Uniting Church would remain legal, even if the church stopped performing them.

Josh Taylor • 3 days ago

Fumbling over LGBTI teachers, "administrative errors", annoying Indonesia, a potential leadership spill, and, oh yeah, the Liberals might lose Wentworth.

Josh Taylor • 3 days ago

The prime minister forgot to renew the ownership of his personal website and, well, just look.

Josh Taylor • 3 days ago

The first population-level study of the effectiveness of the HIV-preventative drug PrEP has shown fewer gay and bisexual men acquiring HIV regardless of whether they were taking the drug.

Josh Taylor • 4 days ago

The possibility has been welcomed by Jewish groups and some conservatives, but could hurt Australia's relationship with its largest neighbour, Indonesia.

Josh Taylor • 5 days ago

Exclusive: A letter from 47 LGBTI rights groups leaked to BuzzFeed News calls on the government to remove discrimination exemptions for teachers and students.

Josh Taylor • 5 days ago

The RACGP's registrar of the year wants us to change how we think about seeing the doctor.

Josh Taylor • 6 days ago

It's a very good photo, to be fair.

Josh Taylor • 7 days ago

Fiona Simpson, 23, said she is okay but will be a bit sore.

Josh Taylor • 10 days ago

The AFP is hunting anyone who leaked information about Dutton granting tourist visas to two au pairs.

Josh Taylor • 11 days ago

The inspector-general of intelligence and security said there's nothing to stop a tech company from being coerced into making a backdoor on its encrypted communications.

Josh Taylor • 12 days ago

But there are conflicting reports on whether the Ruddock review is pushing for a change or just maintaining the status quo.

Josh Taylor • 12 days ago

Meanwhile, 2GB radio host Alan Jones said he regrets the comments made to the Opera House CEO about the whole saga.

Josh Taylor • 13 days ago

A shock jock complained that the Opera House wouldn't put up an ad for the Everest race on its sails. The NSW premier appears to have caved in to him.

Josh Taylor • 14 days ago

Prime minister Scott Morrison has asked for assistant minister Stuart Robert's high internet fees to be investigated.

Josh Taylor • 17 days ago

The cable TV company has been working to block piracy websites at the same time as it raises prices for its streaming service.

Josh Taylor • 17 days ago

NSW police allege the 40-year-old man sexually assaulted the teen in the boy's front yard.

Josh Taylor • 18 days ago

But prime minister Scott Morrison said Australia was "not significantly impacted" by the attacks.

Josh Taylor • 18 days ago

Emails reveal the Department of Health strongly pushing for a Parliamentary Library article to be "corrected" after it pointed out privacy issues in the My Health Record system.

Josh Taylor • 19 days ago