The businessman and political party leader has sent millions of unsolicited text messages to Australians in the past week.

Josh Taylor • 3 hours ago

Poof Doof has apologised for the policy document, and claims it is several years old and no longer used.

Josh Taylor • 7 hours ago

The Environment Department claims other private partner options were considered, but an audit report found no documented evidence of that.

Josh Taylor • One day ago

The result you get can depends on how you ask the question and what other questions are asked in the survey.

Josh Taylor • One day ago

The church's public affairs commission has supported a Labor bill repealing anti-discrimination exemptions for religious schools.

Josh Taylor • 2 days ago

The home affairs minister claims the "boats will restart" if Labor wins the upcoming federal election.

Josh Taylor • 3 days ago

People who pose no risk to the community could end up on the public database, lawyers have warned.

Josh Taylor • 6 days ago

People would be able to look up the names, photos, and crimes of convicted child sex offenders in their suburb under the proposal.

Josh Taylor • 8 days ago

Firstly, why? Secondly, why?

Josh Taylor • 8 days ago

One business put 17 interns to work and never ultimately employed any of them.

Josh Taylor • 9 days ago

He was just representing the people of Queensland, the senator has said.

Josh Taylor • 10 days ago

Buckingham was asked to stand aside from the NSW upper house ticket at the upcoming state election, following sexual assault allegations.

Josh Taylor • 28 days ago

The move was backed by survivors, legal experts and researchers.

Josh Taylor • 29 days ago

The party has instead pledged to "work with communities" to "reduce harm" caused by conversion therapy.

Josh Taylor • One month ago

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has committed to negotiating with the New Zealand government to take up the offer to resettle refugees in offshore detention.

Josh Taylor • One month ago

"I have waited as the opposition leader for the next election for five years and two months and if I have to wait a couple more minutes, well I just will!" Shorten said.

Josh Taylor • One month ago

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show the attorney-general's office issued the advice in September and October.

Josh Taylor • One month ago

We're getting a "Religious Discrimination Act" and a new human rights commissioner, but LGBTI students will have to wait.

Josh Taylor • One month ago

Australia's new law goes well beyond those that are being used in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Josh Taylor • One month ago

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has argued that there should be independent oversight of the impact the tech companies are having on Australian media and journalism.

Josh Taylor • One month ago