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It's Going Down, Basement

When you think of Halloween, one of the immediate words associated would be "horror". Though it seems the only part of the horror genre would be to frighten, there's much more.

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Would Freddie Kruger stan Future?

Bri Malandro / Via

Imagine the scene where the girl is running as fast as she can back to the house away from the serial killing psychopath but instead of it being an eerie orchestra, it's a grime trap song. The mood would change, maybe it would even provide a new outlook to horror films that you wouldn't notice on a first glance while peeking to see if it's as scary as it seems.

Above is a video made by Bri Malandro where she took various clips from different horror movies and complied them to have a new soundtrack starring Drake & Future. It's genius to see Jamie Lee Curtis be stalked and attacked by Michael Myers as Drake's "Jumpman" verse is blasting in the background. There's a new sense of fright when this deadly combination is put together.

After watching the video, I was so inspired since I draw inspiration, visually and sonically, from both the genres of horror and hip hop that I wanted to continue the idea. As we approach closer to Halloween and enter the Scorpio season, I thought this would be the perfect time to clash the two together.

Below are some of the collaborations, I'd love to see put together:

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Young Thug's "Future Swag" X "Evil Dead"

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Future's "Xanny Family" X "Last House on the Left"

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Trina's "What's Beef?" X "The Grudge"

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