15 Uplifting Facts To Cheer You Up After Yesterday’s Tragedy

…in the off-chance you had a bad day.

1. The IRS is giving Bostonians extra time to pay their taxes.

makemoneyinlife.com / Via http://Google

2. The oldest person in the world is going to turn 116 on Friday, and he’s totally awesome.

guardian.co.uk / Via http://Google

You can read more about him here.

3. The U.S. Economy is still improving faster than anyone expected.

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4. Thought to be a practically dead city, Detroit’s population is on the rise again.

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5. After all these years, Justin Timberlake’s “Dick in a Box” is still amazing.

6. Psy’s new music video is also pretty hilarious.

7. Yesterday, an 11 year-old boy in Washington saved his mother’s life by performing CPR.

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8. The number of American cigarette smokers is quickly decreasing.

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9. This fantastic Mr. Rogers meme was trending big-time yesterday.

sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net / Via http://Facebook

10. For the most part, Americans search for babies more than guns.

google.com / Via http://Google

11. Teen pregnancy rates are in decline.

chicagomag.com / Via http://Google

12. Last year, Gallop polls indicated that Americans are happier than ever.

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13. The Red Cross website crashed yesterday because so many people made donations.

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14. After they finished the race, some marathoners ran straight to Mass. General Hospital to give blood.

Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed finish line and continued to run to Mass General Hospital to give blood to victims #PrayforBoston

— NBC Sports Network (@NBCSN) April 15, 2013

15. Fact: Today will be better than yesterday.

peaceandprofit.com / Via http://Google

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