10 Lessons That Google Searches Can Teach Us About America

People search for some crazy shit.

1. Texans really like porn.

A red state with some blue balls

2. …They also really like gay porn.

Doth protest too much, methinks?

3. West Virginians are just terrible.

Apologies to all the non-racists in West Virginia

4. …But At Least They’re Trying to Quit Smoking

Something Good!

5. Hawaiians are probably concerned about North Korea

6. Montana has a serious Meth problem…


7. …While Florida has a serious math problem.

(As if we didn’t already know)

8. …And other big problems too.

Sorry, Old People

9. And finally, while it’s New Yorkers who share all the love…

(Context Aside)

10. …It’s really just because they spend all their time on Buzzfeed, while people in Wyoming actually get shit done.

How the hell do they survive the afternoon in that state?

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