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5 Surprising Excerpts From The Fake "Mighty Ducks" Oral History Book

Take a break. Act intrigued. Get indignant... that you're not reading this post!

Joshsorokach 5 years ago

An Exclusive Sneak Peek At The Season 3 Episode Guide Of "The Newsroom"

While the future of the most important television series ever created hangs in the balance, we have an exclusive first look at the first five episodes.

Joshsorokach 6 years ago

9 "Friends" Episodes Inpsired By The Literary Children's Series Goosebumps

I'll be there for BOO! What if one of the most popular television programs of all-time collaborated with the prominent children's literature series of the 90s?

Joshsorokach 6 years ago

7 Surprising Excerpts From The Fake "Saved By The Bell" Oral History Book

Fake excerpts from a fake book about a very real series.

Joshsorokach 6 years ago

10 Amazing WTF Moments From The Insanity That Is Grease's "Summer Nights" Video

This is a real scene from a real movie and not an elaborate fever dream.

Joshsorokach 6 years ago