11 Roles The Cast Of "The Upshaws" Landed Before Being In The New Netflix Series

    The Upshaws may be a relatively new show, but there are some familiar faces in the cast that make it feel like a television staple.

    Netflix recently released its second season of The Upshaws. If you're into crass comedy that follows the life of a middle-class family, this is the show for you.

    Page Kennedy, Mike Epps, Michel Estime, Jermelle Simon

    As a self-described television enthusiast, the show is pretty good. That's not what got me! What did is that the cast is full of legends.

    Wanda Sykes and Kim Fields

    1. Dorothy 'Tootie' Ramsey

    2. Wanda Sykes

    woman smiling on set

    3. Day Day

    man laughing at joke

    4. Janay

    Woman smiling on set

    5. Gerald

    Man smiling and throwing the peace sign

    6. Dinka

    Man on the phone

    7. Pippy Rosewood

    8. Uncle Julius

    9. Barb Baran

    10. Granny — Ice Age

    11. Regine Hunter

    Many new shows are bringing acting vets to the forefront. Who are some of your favorite actors that have appeared in some of your favorite movies and television shows?