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30 Adventures For 30 Days

With only one month left in summer, you have to live every moment to its fullest. Life is an adventure, so always be prepared and pack everything you need in a Backpack Brand bag.

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Day 1 - Go To The Beach

No matter where you live, there is some sort of body of water within driving distance. It might be an ocean, a lake, a pond, or even a large puddle from the last time it rained. Go and sit by it. Toss around a frisbee. Build a sandcastle. If you've got the time, build something more elaborate. Stay until the sun sets and watch it over the water. Just make sure that you wear lots of sunscreen to protect your skin from damage.

Day 2 - Get Some Culture

Seek out art and find something that moves you. Go to a museum and view a masterpiece. Somewhere near you, there is a theater that is putting on a play. Sit in the audience and appreciate that there are real humans standing in front of you trying to make you feel something. If it's not your cup of tea, at least you'll be able to make snarky comments in the parking lot afterward.

Day 3 - Plan An Epic Water Fight

It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone loves a water fight. Call every last one of your friends and get them in on the action. Fill every balloon, water gun, bucket, hose and sponge in the world with water, and don't stop your attack until there is nothing left to douse your opponents with. Put in just a little effort, and this will be a day you talk about until you're old and grey.

Day 4 - Go To The Drive-In

Drive-in theaters are a piece of Americana, but unfortunately they are slowly dying out. When you go and realize that you can see several movies for less than what you'd pay for one in a traditional theater, you'll wonder what you've been doing with your life. Plus, you get all that extra privacy to try out that yawn move you've been practicing on that special someone.

Day 5 - Go To An Amusement Park

There are very few places on Earth that will try to sell you as much deep-fried food as they can, and then put you on a machine that will actively try to shake that food out of you. It's all part of the joy of the amusement park. If you're lucky, you may even be there on a day when the lines aren't so long.

Day 6 - Go Hiking

Remember nature? It's those green bits between the buildings. Spend a day walking through it. Not just a mile or even two, but really explore the wilderness. See something that you'd never see just sitting in your house. Breathe in oxygen that just got produced by a real, live tree. Heck, you might even see an animal or two.

Day 7 - Interview A Family Member

You know all those people that you hang out with around the holidays? Believe it or not, they all had lives before you were born...and some of them were pretty darn interesting. Did you know that your grandpa boxed a kangaroo? Or that your dad always wanted to be a ballet dancer? Sit down and find out who these people really are. Some day you will be glad you did.

Day 8 - Take A Boat Ride

It doesn't matter if it's a sailboat, motorboat, cruise liner or dinghy, get on some sort of craft that floats on the water and feel the aquatic breeze in your hair. There's something about being on a boat that just makes you feel you're the king of the world.

Day 9 - Go To A Baseball Game

MLB, farm leagues or little league: all baseball games are fun. There is a reason this is America's pastime, so take the opportunity to experience all the sights and sounds of a ballpark. If you're lucky, you may even catch a foul ball. If you don't have a favorite going in, choose a team and cheer for them as if your life depended on their victory. If they lose though, don't cry over it, because tomorrow there will be another game.

Day 10 - Go On A Road Trip

Take a lesson from Jack Kerouac and go on the road. Maybe there's something a few hours away that you've always wanted to see. Maybe you don't have a destination at all. Whatever the case, get in your car with some friends and drive somewhere. You never know what amazing things you may accidentally find.

Day 11 - Learn How To Rock Climb

Indoor rock climbing centers can be found all over the world, and in just a few hours they can teach you the basics of how to scale a wall using nothing but your body. I'm not saying that would make you a superhero, but I am saying that's exactly what Spider-Man does. Few things can compare to the rush of looking down from the ceiling of a room and knowing that you climbed to that height on your own. Plus, you'll never be in the embarrassing situation of not knowing what to say when someone shouts "On belay?" at you again.

Day 12 - Ride A Horse

The fact of the matter is, you just haven't lived until you've been saddled atop one of these magnificent beasts. Learning to ride a horse is not only fun, but also practical. What else are you going to do if there's a zombie apocalypse and there are no vehicles available? If you're short enough, you may even discover a new career as a jockey.

Day 13 - Find A Waterfall

There is something about water falling from one elevation to another that is completely mesmerizing. Go find a waterfall, it doesn't matter how big or small, and just take in its majesty. If it's safe, jump in the water at the base and swim beneath the waterfall. It will rank as one of the best showers you've ever taken in your life.

Day 14 - Go To A Zoo

Sometimes, it's truly easy to forget that there are other amazing animals on this planet besides humans. A zoo gives you an opportunity to see these fantastic creatures up close, all safely behind a thick layer of protective glass. If you're lucky, you may also get to see some baby animals. If you thought a kitten was cute, wait until you get a load of a baby tiger.

Day 15 - Explore Somewhere That's Haunted

Many of the things in this challenge take bravery, but do you have the guts to face the supernatural head-on? Do a little research and find that location near you that everyone swears is haunted. Go there and see just how scary it actually is. Want to up the ante? Bring a Ouija Board and see if you can communicate with the spirits that haunt the place. They may reveal the secrets of the universe to you.

Day 16 - Go Scuba Diving

Since you took the time to see the animals that live on the land, it's only fair that you also spend a day with the animals that live under the sea. Since water takes up about 95% of the habitable area of Earth, and most of it is unexplored, you may even discover a new species. Just make sure you come up with a good name.

Day 17 - Go To An Outdoor Concert

Something about an outdoor concert makes it feel more special. Maybe it's the fresh air, maybe it's the fact that you can actually hear the music (which seems to defy everything you know about acoustics) or maybe it's the knowledge that somewhere nearby an old person is annoyed by the racket. So find some music that you love and bring a blanket to sit on. Feel free to bust out your sweet new dance moves.

Day 18 - Explore Your City

The downfall of living in a place is that you get caught up in the routine of your surroundings. Break that routine and walk around the city you live in. Go to places you've never been before. Eat foods that you never thought you'd eat. You're going to be surprised by all the awesome things you can discover in your own backyard if you just take the time to look around. Steer clear of the sewers though. You probably won't like what you find.

Day 19 - Go Skydiving

If you're truly an adventurer, this one was already on your list. Remember that time you fell out of bed when you were a kid? This is exactly like that (assuming your bed is 4000 feet in the air). There's nothing to be afraid of though. On your first time, the person controlling the parachute will be strapped to your back, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Day 20 - Play Golf

Since golf has been around for about 600 years, it's not hard to argue that there might be something to it. If you've never played, at least go to a driving range and take a whack at a few balls. Can you think of a better way to let off a little steam? You may not be Tiger Woods right out of the gate, but you may find a love for one of the few sports that you don't actually have to be in shape to be any good at.

Day 21 - Dive Into Water Where You Can't See The Bottom

Since you've already gone scuba diving, this one should be a piece of cake. Any reason you can find to swim in the summer is good enough, so make today's reason taking the big leap into the unknown. You never know what might be lurking below. Spend a moment under the water before you surface and just appreciate the fact that you are in an entirely different world. Besides, it's going to be really cold when you get out of the water.

Day 22 - Organize A Massive Scavenger Hunt

This one takes a little planning but has the potential to be a ton of fun. Make a list of clues that lead to over 25 unique or amazing things around where you live, split your friends into teams of two and see who can decipher all the clues and get pictures at those awesome locations first. Have the last clue lead to a spot where everyone can hang out and talk about the cool things they saw on their hunt.

Day 23 - Go To A Fair

Fairs are one of the true hallmarks of summer. If you can think of a food, somewhere there is a food truck at a fair that has deep fried it. If you can make it past lunch without going into cardiac arrest, then you might get to ride a ferris wheel and pet a llama all in one day.

Day 24 - Take A Helicopter Ride

You may be thinking that you've flown in an airplane before--what's the difference? How about a mostly-unobscured view of the world below you; completely free of any sort of cloud cover. View aside, helicopters have a certain element of danger that will make you feel like an action hero.

Day 25 - Play On A Playground

Few things can help you recapture your youth like a playground. Remember the adventures you used to have when you were a child? You can relive all of those if you just let your imagination take over for an afternoon. Just don't get stuck.

Day 26 - Go White Water Rafting

Being on a regular boat was awesome; now it's time to coast upon a magical boat made of air. While your instinct may be to head directly into the craziest rapids you can find, don't go overboard if it's your first time. With rafting, you're going to get an adrenaline rush no matter what.

Day 27 - Go To A Garage Sale Or Flea Market

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Hit the road and find all the garage sales you can with the intention of buying something that you never knew you needed. After just a little bit of scouring, you may find that display piece you've been waiting for your whole life.

Day 28 - Play Paintball Or Laser Tag

You can choose paintball or laser tag for this one, depending on the level of pain you want involved with getting shot by a fake gun. No matter which you choose, make sure you treat the game as seriously as if you were really going to war. Award a prize to the team that wins. Make sure it's something spectacular.

Day 29 - Play A Pick-up Game

If you go to any park, there will undoubtedly be a group of people there playing some kind of sport. Ask to join in and give 110%. Athletics can be a real bonding experience, so you may make some lifelong friends just by being involved. Remember, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

Day 30 - Go Camping

You made it! Reward yourself with the perfect end to the ultimate summer. Make a bonfire that's a bit too big. Roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Lay out on the grass and look up at the stars. It's been an amazing summer...only three seasons to go until you get to do it all over again.

No matter what you do this summer, make sure you have everything you need by loading up your Backpack Brand backpack. Life is an prepared!

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