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This Old Photo Of An Uncomfortable Woman NEEDS To Be The First Meme Of 2016

Look at that thumbnail. You already know she's a star.

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Have you ever searched someone on Google and gotten a lot of results about people that are not them?

Josh Granovsky

Circles = pictures of me, X's = pictures of people who are also apparently me.

Well, me and my friends decided to search one of our teachers online because why not. And what we discovered blew my mind.

From a quick search, I was able to find that the woman pictured is Mary Fanjoy, a former Canadian nurse born in 1920.

And I'm sure that if she had known what a meme was, it would have been her lifelong goal to become one.

To help jump-start Mary's career as a meme, I've come up with a few different things to which Mary could be reacting. For example, she could be reacting to the common situation of...

If these memes satisfied you, please help a burgeoning meme become a seasoned pro and GET MEME-ING!

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