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Rosie Of Sophia Grace And Rosie Is Grown Up And Singing Solo

Someone call Ellen.

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Alright boys and girls, let's hop into a time machine and travel back to 2012.

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Twas' the year that gave us Gangnam Style, The Avengers and Linsanity. But most importantly...

2012 introduced us to the pink legends that are Sophia Grace and Rosie.

The two British tykes paved their way into America's hearts through their performances on Ellen and—of course—their extravagant tutus.

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Over the years, Sophia Grace has kept a steady presence on social media and has released a slew of music videos.

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However, Sophia Grace's often silent counterpart and cousin Rosie seemed to have wiggled out of the spotlight...

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That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Rosie Mcclelland has emerged back onto the scene. And guess what?


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On April 4th, Rosie effectively broke the internet by posting her cover of Little Mix's "Touch". And she's not bad too.

Maybe now, people will start calling them "Rosie and Sophia Grace".

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