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People Are Changing One Consonant In Movie Titles To Ruin Them And It's Hilarious

Planet Of The Abes.

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Twitter is currently being dominated by the hashtag #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie, in which users do exactly what you think they would. And it's just as funny as you'd think as well.

One user gave Planet of the Apes a presidential makeover.

Planet of the Abes #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

Another user reimagined Pirates of the Caribbean in a way no one else ever has.

Pilates of the Carribean #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

And some users finally recognized that movies could use a little more Chandler...

The Bing and I #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

...or maybe a lot more.

Lord of the Bings. #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie I have way too much time on my hands...

People are getting EXTRA creative.

Raving Private Ryan #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

Mad Max: Fury Toad #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

The Hunger Games: Mocking Jam #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

The Empire Strikes Bach. #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

Bean Girls #ChangeAConsonantSpoilAMovie

Technically this person changed a vowel, but we'll let it slide.

The internet is a beautiful place.

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