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    • joshdas

      As many have pointed out students should have a better idea of what they would like to pursue, however college is designed to give students a further exploration in themselves and skills so they may better decide on a future path.  Now the issue of student debt is a compound issue that goes much further than students taking longer to graduate. Students today pay much more for a secondary education than their parents. Also, wages across the board have not kept up with the inflation of tuition and cost of living. Than add three back-to-back economic crisis (Tech Bubble,Housing Bubble, Financial/Banking crisis)companies are not hiring despite making record profits, they are instead buying back their own stock and investing into lobbying. Plus, many students are lured by the promise of internships which is often a dead end road, leading to bitterness and loss of income. This may upset some people, but schools today have changed their focus from academic success to economic success. Anyone who has been in college in the last decade has most likely seen this shift. Schools have tripled in size with brand new buildings and state of the art equipment, but often times lack knowledgeable staff to communicate many of these high-priced toys. As someone who has worked inside the university system I was shocked on how little regard was given to students gaining employment after graduation. Many professors confided in me that it was all about “butts in the seats”. So until we have drastic change on almost every institutional level, we can see this issue only getting worse. Students are robbing Peter to pay Paul, and the light at the end of tunnel is red with a sign that says “Do Not Enter”.

    • joshdas

      I thought I’ve seen this before

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