These 28 "Succession" Season 3 Moments Had Me Feeling All Types Of Ways

    Season 3 has me hooked...again.

    It's obvious that after the bombshell Kendall Roy dropped in the Season 2 finale of Succession that Season 3 would start with the immediate aftermath of his press conference. With just three episodes having aired, we're still trying to figure out who will have the upper hand in all of this, Logan or Ken.

    Let's get right to it, and of course I must warn you of 🚨Spoilers🚨.

    1. The president's support

    Roman, Logan, Shiv and Frank listening to Gerri on the phone

    2. "Who says I never killed anyone?"

    Don't trust anyone on "Succession"

    3. 31 flavors

    Karl speaking

    4. "If your hands are clean, it's only because your whorehouse also does manicures."

    Logan Roy sitting down speaking to his fellow execs

    5. Tom backing Gerri and Roman but not Shiv

    Tom looking concerned as he speaks to someone off camera

    6. Roman shooting himself in the foot for the CEO position

    Roman on the phone with his father Logan

    7. Shiv drops the ball on getting Lisa Arthur

    Lisa Arthur and Shiv discussing if she will represent the Roy family

    8. "Your friend doesn't like you boo hoo boo hoo; Dad wants to fire you."

    Roman laying in bed on the phone with his sister teasing her for not getting the CEO position

    9. Beast Mode

    Logan Roy looking angry while Tom is in the background.

    10. Greg's uncertainty

    Kendall and Greg discussing his nervousness about being investigated

    11. "You have good instincts; you also have HORRIBLE instincts."

    Gerri smiling at Roman off screen

    12. "You tell yourself you're a good person, but you're not a good person."

    13. Greg's lawyer fiasco

    Greg sharing a beer with an old friend while trying to get legal advice

    14. "If everyone's showing up to battle in armor, then I feel kinda exposed here in my loin cloth."

    Greg speaking to his grand father Ewan off camera

    15. Family reunion

    The Roy family of Shiv, Roman, Connor and Ken sitting together about to talk.

    16. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!

    Marcia looking offscreen with a stern look on her face.

    17. "Don't threaten me, Gerri..."

    Roman on the phone

    18. "These are relevant donuts."

    Roman, Shiv, Connor, and Ken all speaking after being sent donuts from Logan

    19. President Shiv

    Logan and Shiv in the backseat of a car smirking after Logan has told Shiv she will be President of the company

    20. The interview

    Kendall smiling after being asked a question about his family in an interview

    21. "Maybe I don't do that dance."

    Gerri speaking to Logan off camera about agents trying to serve a subpoena

    22. Good tweet, bad tweet

    Kendall and Naomi sitting in the back of a limo with a frown from reading a bad tweet

    23. The Committee for Protection and Welfare of Journalists ceremony

    Kendall looking at his sister at a an award ceremony

    24. Shiv and Tom discuss him possibly sacrificing himself for the company

    Tom drinks and looks onward.

    25. Logan versus the president

    Michelle Anne speaking with Logan Roy in a private room about his situation

    26. Nirvana playing during Shiv's speech

    Shiv at the podium looking worried with Hugo, and Karolina on the side trying to figure it out

    27. Shiv goes for Ken's throat

    28. "Can they come back tomorrow?"

    Logan speaking to Gerri off camera

    Did these moments hit you as hard as they did me? Are there any other Succession moments that had you like "Ooooo!" Let us know in the comments below!