Six Times Henry Cavill Proved That He Is A Huge, Lovable Nerd

    From building PCs to painting Warhammer figurines, Henry Cavill is the nerdiest, and it's awesome.

    Henry Cavill has played some pretty badass roles but none more badass than his latest project as Geralt of Rivia from Netflix's The Witcher. This might make it a surprise to some that although he has played some amazingly tough guy characters he actually is a pretty big nerd in his downtime.

    So here are a few of those interviews where he has shared a little of his nerdy side to the public, so any fellow nerds can feel right at home with their hobbies.

    1. Superman has many hobbies.

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    During his most recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Graham brought up Henry's love for Warhammer 40,000, trying to poke a little fun at the fact that Henry paints his figurines and pits them against someone else's army. To which Henry even admits, "It sounds ridiculous, but it is fun." Luckily Tom Holland was there to back him up and asked if he could go over to play. This means there might be a day where Spider-Man and Superman are playing with Warhammer figurines somewhere in England, most likely. Just picture it. 

    2. Did we just become best friends?

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    While interviewing on the aftershow for The Witcher, Henry Cavill finds that his onscreen best friend Joey Batey might be his real-life best friend after discovering their shared love of Warhammer 40,000. After finding out what type of armies each person is playing with, Joey simply asks, "Shall we?" to which Henry quickly responds, "Yes!" It seems like something out of Step Brothers. 

    3. The Rich Eisen Show

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    There is something to be said about a man who auditioned to play Superman and is willing to ignore a phone call so that he can continue to enjoy his game of World of Warcraft. While playing true or false on The Rich Eisen Show, we find out that Zack Snyder had called Henry to give him the good news, only for Cavill to ignore it until the last second when he realized who was calling him. He immediately called him back to hear that he had been cast as the Man of Steel, and thankfully it didn't affect him getting the role, but can you imagine? Losing the role of your life because of WoW. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a dedicated gamer. 

    4. Building his PC

    5. Xbox or Playstation?

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    Whenever it's discovered that celebrities are gamers, the usual first question is "Playstation or Xbox?" In this case, Henry with some disgust replies, "PC," and elaborates how growing up that was the gaming platform of choice in his household. It seems we find out that his "nerdom" was not something born out of nowhere; his father had some part in it, and we thank him for it. 

    6. The reference only Warhammer fans will get.

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    In this long interview, Henry Cavill speaks mainly about the latest seasons of The Witcher, but it's toward the very end of the video that he can't help but drop a reference that unless you're a Warhammer fan you won't get. Right around the 44-minute mark, Henry makes it a point to mention how every day that he was on set where that chandelier in the background is present, he would mention how it looked like a "Blackstone Fortress" from Warhammer 40,000. Apparently no one, including the interviewer Josh Horowitz, got it, which just goes to show his love of Warhammer 40,000 knows no bounds and is with him always. 

    Did you know this about Henry Cavill already, or are you just learning about his gaming passion now? Does this make you more of a fan or less? Let us know in the comments down below.