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9 Things That Millennials Who Grew Up In Puerto Rico Will Remember

Plaza Acuática brought me so much joy.

I'm always reminded of my time living in Puerto Rico during the '90s and '00s. Whether it was the music everybody was listening to, or major events on the island that led to protests, there are countless memories that take me back to that beautiful island.

So I thought now's a good time to share some of the most memorable moments that I recall from living in Puerto Rico during that era, and seeing how many millennials out there remember these moments as well.

1. The Harris Paint commercial:

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The Blanco Group / Via

As Puerto Ricans, we all know "La Borinqueña" is our wonderful national anthem that voices how beautiful and proud we are of our tiny island, but there was another song that held to that message. "Los Colores de Mi Tierra" (the colors of our land) was a song that any millennial will remember from the island, as you could not go to a movie theater that wasn't playing this Harris Paint commercial. It's one of the most memorable cinema moments for me from being on the island. No matter what movie you came to watch, you were going to hear this song, and even if you weren't a fan at first, this song was making its way to into your brain and living there rent-free. There were countless times people would stand up and place a hand over their heart to pay respect and sing along, regardless of who was sitting behind them. It's a commercial that, to this day, transports me back to a time when I was watching movies with my friends at Plaza Las Américas without a care in the world. 

2. The Plaza Acuática waterpark:

Every summer in 🇵🇷, my two favorite things—and they only happened once per trip—were Plaza Aquatica & Plaza Las Americas. Plaza Aquatica was a water park that is no more, RIP. But PLAZA LAS AMERICAS was THAT mall. With an arcade called Time Out! Pizza Hut! Sizzler! (1/?)

Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

Known as "La mejor playa de Hato Rey" (the best beach in Hato Rey), Plaza Acuática was a water park that brought me so much joy when I was younger. It opened its doors back in 1988 and closed them in 2000, but had a hell of a run while it was there. It was a change of pace from the typical beach day and gave us another place to enjoy the water in the form of water slides and lazy rivers. I remember being back stateside when it closed and being disappointed that I wouldn't be creating more memories there. Still, the ones I did have were amazing, and just thinking about it makes me want to go to a water park immediately.

3. Los Caballeros del Zodiaco:

Sainta Seiya posing in his red Pegasus armor

4. Walter Mercado:

Psychic Walter Mercado poses for a portrait in 2001 in Los Angeles, California

5. The release of Don Omar's single "Dale":

Don Omar in a suit holding an award he won from his album "Last Don"

6. The Navy bombings protests:

Thousands of citizens march in protest against President Clinton's decision to resume military training activities on the island of Vieques Puerto Rico

7. The release of Elvis Crespo's song "Suavemente":

Elvis Crespo performs at the Hispanic Heritage Awards in Washington, DC

8. Ricky Martin taking over the world:

Puerto Rican singing sensation Ricky Martin opens his US tour with his hit single Livin' la Vida Loca to a sold-out crowd in Miami

9. Felix Trinidad Vs. Oscar De La Hoya:

Felix Trinidad throwing a straight right to a defending Oscar De La Hoya

Did this list bring back any memories for my fellow millennials? Let me know what you remember the most about living on the island in the comments below.