5 Differences In All The Batmen We've Seen Onscreen

    From the voice to the physique, each Batman on film has brought something different to the role.

    Over the years, we have seen a number of different versions of Batman on film. From Adam West's over-the-top, wacky Batman of the '60s to the more grounded, brooding Batman from Robert Pattinson that we have now, each Batman franchise gave us something different.

    I figured we could go back and take a look at some of their differences and what made each of them unique, so here goes:

    1. The Batsuits

    Christian Bale in his Dark Knight Batsuit shooting his grapple gun while his eyes are lit up using his sonar vision

    2. The Physicality and Overall Physique

    3. The Voice

    4. The Bruce Wayne Persona

    5. The Detective

    Have you enjoyed all the different versions of Batman? Let us know in the comments below who was your favorite and why.