15 Of My Favorite "Adventure Time" Characters Ranked

    To some of you this ranking might be "UNACCEPTABLE!!!"

    Adventure Time was a kid show that explored themes and evolved itself into something more grown-up as the seasons went on. This treasured show not only won awards for its storytelling but also for its character development. It is one of Gen Z's most classic animated shows and for good reason.

    15. Lumpy Space Princess

    Lumpy Space Princess with her hands on her side speaking to someone

    14. Tree Trunks

    Tree Trunks talking to Finn and Jake as she peaks her head out a window

    13. The Earl of Lemongrab

    The Earl of Lemongrab shouting at his subjects

    12. Susan Strong

    Susan Strong being mind controlled by an implant in her head

    11. Lady Rainicorn

    Ladt Rainincorn in wrapped up in a ball worried about something

    10. Gunter

    Gunter using the demonic wishing eye

    9. Peppermint Butler

    Peppermint Butler raising his hand to deny someone something

    8. Prismo

    Prismo looking over a sleeping Jake

    7. Ice King

    Ice King leaning on a counter trying to flirt

    6. Princess Bubblegum

    Princess Bubblegum explaining something to Flame Princess

    5. Flame Princess

    Flame Princess upset at Princess Bubblegum

    4. Jake the Dog

    Jake the Dog thinking about something

    3. BMO

    BMO talking to someone excitedly

    2. Marceline the Vampire Queen

    Marceline playing her ax guitar while standing a top a gate

    1. Finn the Human

    Finn with his hands up explaining something to Jake

    What do you think of my list? Who are some of your favorite characters from Adventure Time? Let us know in the comments below.