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    10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts, Specifically About The Cast Of "Encanto"

    We might not talk about Bruno, but we will talk about the man who played Bruno.

    Encanto is arguably the biggest animated musical of the last decade. However, did you know these 10 behind-the-scenes facts? Bet you didn't!

    1. Stephanie Beatriz auditioned with a Moana song.

    Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz

    2. Jessica Darrow discovered new skills.

    Jessica Darrow recording her part as Luisa in the studio

    3. Zoom Recordings

    Actor Cecilia Maria Botero in the studio recording her lines for Encanto while Directors Jared Bush and Byron Howard watch from a Zoom window

    4. John Leguizamo improvised the "Rat Telenovela"

    Mirabel and Bruno together as Bruno is explaining his rat telenovela

    5. Diane Guerrero "Missed the Bus"

    Lin Manuel Miranda and Diane Guerrero embracing at the premiere of Encanto

    6. John Leguizamo got some help with his rapping.

    John Leguizamo in the studio about recording his part of Bruno for Encanto

    7. Wilmer Valderrama learned he might not be as good of a singer as he thought.

    Wilmer Valderrama at the premiere of Encanto

    8. Stephanie Beatriz gave birth to her daughter days after finishing her vocals on "Waiting on a Miracle."

    Mirabel singing her song Waiting on a miracle while walking down the stairs

    9. Alan Tudyk knows his Toucan sounds.

    Pico on Antonios arm speaking to him

    10. Two Abuela Almas

    What did you think of Encanto? Have you seen the movie multiple times already? Let me know in the comments below, and what your favorite part of the movie is.