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Tell Us The Worst Interaction You've Had As A Customer Service Employee

We want to hear from you – send us a quick video sharing your customer service horror story!

Real talk: Customer service employees have some of the hardest jobs in the world.

So we want to hear directly from you in ~video~ form about your absolute wildest experiences on the job, and the best responses will be featured on BuzzFeed's Instagram and Facebook pages!

Maybe you had to deal with a rude customer who made a SCENE in front of you and your coworkers...

Halle Berry listens to an intense call

...or maybe a customer overshared their personal life, and you had to reiterate that you're not a counselor.

Customer Service representative speaking into his mic.

Maybe it was your turn to clean, and a customer left the restroom looking like a crime scene.

If so, what specifically happened, and how did you handle it?

If you have a horror story you're ITCHING to share, please submit a short video sharing your experience to the jotform below. Just make sure the 30–60-second clip is shot vertically on your phone!

Two puppets speak to each other on the phone.

The best VIDEO submissions will be featured in a video compilation on BuzzFeed!