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April Fools Joke Or Best News This Week??

Given the post is on (owned by Ashton Kutcher) and announced on April 1st, this is either a fantastic joke or the announcement of what could be the best news all week.

joshanisfeld 4 years ago

An Open Letter To Hollywood

Creativity in Hollywood has fizzled. Reboots and action packed fluff are the new norm. Here is my plea to the Hollywood "creatives"

joshanisfeld 5 years ago

Current And Former NBA Players Jersey Nicknames

The NBA announced a plan to test "Nickname Jerseys" on players from the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets, showcasing their nicknames in place of their names. What would some current and former players Nickname Jersey's look like?

joshanisfeld 6 years ago

Worst Possibly Way To Commemorate 9/11

Biggest brand fail ever seen on 9/11. If turning the day into a customer appreciation day isn't bad enough, they're only offering it for 30 minutes!

joshanisfeld 6 years ago

Song To Help Identify Moby

Can't tell the difference between Moby, Michael Stipe, Michael Chikless, Bruce Willis, and any number of other bald celebrities? Now there's a song to help you.

joshanisfeld 7 years ago

Apple Scotland

Watch a Scottish fellow try to interact with Apple's Siri to hilarious results!

joshanisfeld 8 years ago