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Which ANIMORPHS Character Are You?

Are you Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, Marco, Ax, Visser III, or the Ellimist?

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If you were a child of the '90s, you fondly remember Animorphs.

Animorphs logo over a graphic of a kid morphing into a bird
The Nerd Stash / Via

You certainly remember these iconic covers dominating your school's book fairs.

A collection of Animorphs books
Scholastic / Via

Despite the cheesy covers, every diehard fan will tell you that it was a groundbreaking work of children's science-fiction that fearlessly tackled themes like war, imperialism, slavery, sanity, PTSD, and the complicated nature of morality.

You may even remember Nickelodeon's well-intentioned but painfully low-budget TV adaption.

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Angel/Brown Productions / Nickelodeon ,

But most of all, you remember that the books were an epic thrill ride packed with all the action and wish-fulfillment our ten-year-old selves could want.

Fan artwork of the Animorphs posing in their battle morphs
Char Reed /

So which of these beloved characters from your childhood does your adult self most resemble today? Time to sweep the dust off of memory lane and find out.