I Just Learned About The Bush Dog And Now My Life Is Immeasurably Better

    Time to get educated about mother nature's best-kept secret.

    The next time one of your friends, family members, or romantic lovers says to you, "I'm glad I know about all the animals that there are," ask them if they're aware of the bush dog. If they say no, scream in their face and send them this article.

    You won't find the bush dog in any beloved Zoobooks magazines from your childhood. Only a visit from the Wikipedia Fairy can bring this unique South American mammal into your life.

    Picture of a pile of Zoobooks magazines


    Picture of a Bush Dog posing dramatically


    Captive bush dog at the Sables Zoo in Sables d'Olonne in France


    3 Bush Dog pups

    Feast your weary eyes on this real-life Pokemon that can be captured by no one.

    A Bush Dog stands dramatically on a log

    Majestic potato.

    Picture of a Bush Dog posing dramatically

    Inquisitive tater tot.

    A Bush Dog stares curiously at the camera

    Traipsing through the underbrush and right into our hearts.

    Bush Dog creeping through grass

    The world must know of you, my floofy prince.

    A Bush Dog licks its lips after eating

    Please educate us on all that is you, corgi of the jungle.

    Captive bush dog at the Sables Zoo in Sables d'Olonne in France

    Tell us about your uniquely webbed feet and habitat range that extends as far south as Paraguay, my scientifically fascinating McNugget of joy.

    image of a Bush Dog standing looking towards another direction

    Gaze into our eyes with a look that says "I see you. I value you. It's okay that you took on crippling student loan debt for an art history degree. I'm here now."

    Close portrait of a bush dog looking at the camera

    Class: Mammalia / Order: Carnivora / Family: Canidae / Genus: Speothos / Species: Venaticus / Location: my heart forever

    Picture of a wet Bush dog after swimming

    Tell us your secrets, hushpuppy of the Amazon. Whisper sweet nothings into our ears.

    A Bush Dog gazes curiously into the camera

    Take a well-deserved bask in the sun, Mr. Handsome.

    Bush Dog sitting in a sunny meadow

    Defend your territory from the nosey cameraman, you intimidating alpha doggo.

    A bush dog hiding behind some branches

    "Hey it's me Bill Gates. I want to give you all of the money, but only if you agree to stop loving the bush dog. Oh, not interested? Ok, sorry to bother you."

    Picture of Bill Gates

    You are the rarest of Good Boys, did you know this? So rare that you were only discovered via fossils in a Brazilian cave in 1839, and initially thought to be extinct. That is so you, you coy little donut hole.

    Picture of a Bush Dog looking adorable

    You have a diploid chromosome number of 74, and are therefore unable to produce fertile hybrids with other canids, you genetically limited slice of adorable pie.

    Bush Dog mother with three cubs

    Care for your young, sweet doggo of the southern continent, so that we may have more of you to celebrate on the internet for generations to come.

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